Understanding the Renters’ Squeeze in Bakersfield, CA: The Impact of Migration



Renters in Bakersfield, CA are facing increasing challenges as a result of the mass migration from surrounding counties such as Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. This blog post explores how this influx of residents has contributed to the housing squeeze in Bakersfield.

The Impact of Migration:

The migration of individuals from neighboring counties to Bakersfield has put additional pressure on the rental market. As more people seek housing in Bakersfield, the demand for rental properties has surged, leading to increased competition and rising rental prices.

Housing Availability and Affordability: The influx of migrants has strained the availability of rental properties in Bakersfield. With a limited supply of housing, renters are finding it more difficult to secure suitable accommodations. Additionally, the increased demand has led to higher rental prices, making it challenging for renters to find affordable options within their budget.

Effects on Local Renters:

The migration from surrounding counties has had a direct impact on local renters. Many long-term residents of Bakersfield are experiencing difficulties as landlords seize the opportunity to capitalize on the rising demand by increasing rents. As a result, renters may be forced to downgrade their living situations or face financial strain.

Addressing the Challenges:

To navigate these challenges, renters are advised to be proactive in their housing search. It may be beneficial to start the process early, be prepared to compete with other applicants, and consider alternative neighborhoods or housing options. Exploring affordable housing programs and seeking assistance from local housing agencies can also provide valuable support.

The Need for Increased Housing Supply:

To alleviate the housing squeeze in Bakersfield, there is a growing need for an increase in housing supply. This includes the construction of new rental properties and the expansion of affordable housing initiatives to meet the rising demand from both local residents and incoming migrants.


The mass migration from surrounding counties like Los Angeles and Santa Barbara has contributed to the challenges faced by renters in Bakersfield, CA. The increased demand for rental properties has led to a housing squeeze, impacting availability and affordability. Renters are advised to be proactive in their housing search and explore alternative options. Additionally, addressing the issue requires a focus on increasing the housing supply to meet the needs of both local residents and incoming migrants.

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