Bakersfield, CA

Understanding the Renters’ Squeeze in Bakersfield, CA: The Impact of Migration

https://youtu.be/5MPQnGq8ZFE Introduction: Renters in Bakersfield, CA are facing increasing challenges as a result of the mass migration from surrounding counties such as Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. This blog post explores how this influx of residents has contributed to the housing squeeze in Bakersfield. The Impact of Migration: The migration of individuals from neighboring counties to...

The Bakersfield Housing Market Is Booming!!!

https://youtu.be/Tp4vdkfx-C0 The Bakersfield real estate market is booming, roughly 60%% of buyers coming from outside of the city. This influx of buyers is driving up demand and driving down inventory, making it a great time for locals to take advantage of the market and purchase a home. Real estate agents are seeing a lot of clients who are hesitant to take the plunge into homeownership due to...

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