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Clear direction means you don’t have any guess work on what to do next when planning to sell your home. Avoid costly renovation if it isn’t neccesary.

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Don’t deal with the headache of listing your home until you clearly understand what to expect from the current market. It may make more sense to wait a few seasons.

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Know the value your Realtor offers. Are you paying the same commission as your neighbor but getting less value? Learn what’s standard in 2023.

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Our strategies are easy to implement and can be applied regardless of your service provider. We want all home sellers to have great representation with or without us.

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James BeaumontJames Beaumont
04:43 16 Feb 23
Karen is a true superstar, she found me the perfect house and was there at every step keeping me informed and looking out for my best interests!! She and Raymond even met the driver delivering my car as I was in transit to SoCal. Truly a dream team and the nicest most genuine people you will have the pleasure to meet
Bob MarunaBob Maruna
15:42 06 Feb 23
Karen was everything I could want in a buyers agent. She is a resident, connected, and very knowledgable in Pine Mountain Club and worked through my home search and purchase with skill and patience.
Shelby SteinShelby Stein
01:39 05 Jan 23
When our family made the life altering decision to relocate from our mutual home state, it was a very emotional process to say the least. As background, one of the two of us grew up from infancy through high school in the Frazier Mountain area and came back after marriage to raise a family. We are very familiar with the area. Our house was much more than just a house to us—It was a home. When we purchased our home on acreage in Lebec, we envisioned the house and land as our forever home and immediately had big plans for the property. We made intentional updates and renovations that made the property truly feel like a modern ranch style property that overlooked Tejon Ranch. It is a one-of-a-kind property!To sell our home, we needed representation that understood the uniqueness of the property and the specialized marketing plan it would require to attract the type of buyer who not only saw the beauty of the property but was willing to take on the lifestyle associated with it. The uncertainty of the Summer/Fall 2022 real estate market also influenced our decision. We were familiar with several other agents, but looked no further than Barrios Co. Their properties sell! Their real estate listings stand out amongst the others because of their use of professional and realistic photography, 3D tours, and purposeful videography (including aerial drone footage). They are all about the details. Their modern methods of marketing their clients’ properties through social media, online ad campaigns, use of strong professional connections, and even going as far as finding possible matches within the buyers they represent who are looking for a similar property on acreage were all large contributing factors for why our listing maintained continuous interest from day one.Their professional expertise on how to generate and keep a strong listing as well as instructing that all potential buyers be pre-approved and well informed of the property’s details before scheduling any in-person appointments insured that everyone who visited our home was a strong lead and in a financial position to make an offer. This made it possible to sell our house in a timely fashion while realistically being available for showings as a young family with two small children. They hosted several formal Open Houses and were present for all other viewings as private showings. They honestly wanted our house to find its perfect match. “Home is where the heart is.” Selling a beloved property filled with memories can be bittersweet and stressful financially with knowing what the right moves are to make and when. The Barrios husband and wife duo, by the end of the process, felt more like personal friends than just realtors we hired. We never once felt like they were just trying to close on our house and make the sale. They ALWAYS had our best interests as their top priority—we felt very well taken care. Their heart-to-heart conversations with us, giving us the honest feedback without reservation, continuously making sure our real estate sales plan was aligned with our goal of relocating, and appropriately pivoting when needed was what gave us the reassurance, we both needed as a couple to feel comfortable with the sales offer we ultimately accepted. Our property sold in record time!We would undoubtedly recommend Barrios Co. to any friend or family member wanting to sell or purchase in the Greater Frazier Mountain area. They are a dream team that will go to bat for you to close the deal. They are worth every penny!
Richard BettersRichard Betters
23:03 02 Nov 22
Raymond and Karen were tenacious, persistant, and gracious in selling our home. This was done in a very challenging housing market. Incredible professionalism and people.
Sally BettersSally Betters
22:54 02 Nov 22
Karen and Raymond Barrios of the Barrios Co. were instrumental in positioning us to sell our home. Their professional skill sets, market awareness, prompt response, gorgeous photography, drone footage and social media expertise are just a few of the many benefits you will gain from hiring them to sell or find you a new home. Don't miss the opportunity to work with them.
Jordan GiblerJordan Gibler
16:41 25 Aug 22
Jumping into the housing market for the first time, we couldn't have had better allies than Karen and Raymond. Both were incredibly generous with their time and expertise, and set the bar high for professionalism in the real estate industry. Over the course of five months, we looked at dozens of houses in varying locations and climates and conditions, and their advice saved us from more than a few potential missteps.Specifically, their background in mountain homes was helpful when looking at homes in remote desert locations around the Antelope Valley, which almost always use septic and sometimes well water. They enumerated the drawbacks of well water, and steered us away from a property with a dry well.The first home we put an offer on had significant unpermitted work done, and their experience with permitting and appraisals helped us decide the property wasn't the right investment for us.Once we found the right one, they coordinated with agents, contractors, and professionals to get the inspections done quickly, and all of the best people we worked with came at their recommendation. When an unpermitted addition became a sticking point for our lender, they recommended a loan agent who was able to turn around a loan agreement at the 11th hour.We couldn't be more grateful for Karen and Raymond's effort and advocacy, and look forward to staying in touch and working together again in the future.
Kawasaki TomKawasaki Tom
02:55 24 Aug 22
My family and I would like to thank Karen and Raymond Barrios for all their hard work with our home purchase in Pine Mountain Club (PMC). We chose to work with Karen and Raymond because they are local residents. They gave us a lot of useful information that we didn't know. We were surprised how patient, friendly, and knowledgeable they were. Definitely, we would recommend Karen and Raymond to our friends and family members wanting to purchase home.
Satya LySatya Ly
03:27 28 Jun 22
My family and I would like to thank Karen Raymond Barrios for continuing to support us with our vacation home purchase in Pine Mountain Club (PMC). We chose to work with Karen and Raymond because they are the local resistants. They can give us the information and experience of living in PMC. We were surprised how patient, friendly, and knowledgeable they were. They gave a lot of useful information that we didn't know. Definitely, we would recommend Karen and Raymond to our friends and family members wanting to purchase home.
Jennifer BenavidesJennifer Benavides
08:03 21 Jun 22
This post has been a long time coming. Not because we are short on what to say but because we have been wrapped in this new life that is our home in Pine Mountain club. Thanks to Karen Barrios.We had never heard of this place untill one day in July of 2021. My husband and I decided to take a drive out to Frazier Park and go beyond that to explore. As we drove out of PMC we saw this personable face on a sign with a big bright smile, it was one of Karen’s listing. We saved her details and the rest is well history.Because of the pandemic my husband had spoken only to realtors he found online or through email. We had a lot of questions as first time homebuyers and well it can feel like a gamble. But Karen was different. The moment my husband first talk to her he was impressed by how genuine she was. We meet her within a weeks time and she answered all of our questions or got back to us with more knowledge. She wasted no time!What sets her apart is that she actually lives the mountain life. She sees the ways and days out of Pine Mountain. I can honestly say everything she’s promised such as in the community or made sound like such as during snow days has happen.As a mother of 2 small children I am greatful for her knowledge and help. She understood the season of life that my husband and I are in and found us the perfect home and the deal we felt comfortable with. All from that first meeting; she also got us intouch with a great lender! So grateful for that.Furthermore I would tell anyone thinking of buying from Karen to ask all those questions, to trust her but also try to understand the market for where it’s at. Real estate is always changing but when there’s a will there’s away and She’s got it!Sincerly, Jennifer and Nicxon Dubon
lucy rodriguezlucy rodriguez
05:15 29 Mar 22
Karen is Positive, Professional, and hardworking. She will go above an beyond to give you information on your home and concerns you have. I was able to see a home in pine mountain club that was very unique and beautiful. Had a wonderful time working with Karen. If you are interested in looking at homes or interested in purchasing any home in give her a call. She did an amazing job.
22:24 28 Mar 22
Karen Barrios was fantastic and very helpful. Not only was she very knowledgeable but also has a heart of gold. I highly recommend Barrios Co. real estate!
John MartinJohn Martin
21:22 17 Dec 21
When it came time for me to sell my property, I knew most of the names on the hill. I did see a newer name on social media and on the street. I spoke with a seller that utilized The Barrios Co. and had great things to say. I set up the initial meeting wanting to feel the agency out and see where the market currently was. A major concern was how long this would play out as I've seen a few property's sit on the hill for a long time. Karen was well prepared, knew her market and product and was clear on communication. I was very comfortable moving forward and very pleased with the outcome. I was kept abreast of movement and information throughout the entire process. If you are in the market to sell or just curious what the market has to offer, Karen should be first on the list. Thanks again!!
frank galvezfrank galvez
04:45 14 Aug 21
The Barrios Co. Is a great resource for purchasing your first home. Super knowledgeable and works with you throughout the whole process. Definitely recommend!
Ani GhaplanyanAni Ghaplanyan
19:37 28 Apr 21
I wanted to tell you guys a little about an amazing person that I met few months ago, her name is Karen Barrios “Realtor” I would so recommend her, amazing person helpful tells you every single detail. She made my life much easier going through a process buying a house. She was on top of everything she would follow up very fast answer phone calls get things done very very fast .I would so recommend her and I would always keep her in my contacts.

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