The Barrios Co. LLC
Vendor 1099 NEC Request Form

1099 NEC Vendor Form - The Barrios Co.
The 1099 NEC (Non-Employee Compensation) is used to report non-employee earnings paid in excess of $600 collectively throughout a single calendar year. Your timely response is much appreciated in our accounting. A copy of your 1099NEC will be shared upon completion by our accounting team.
Please provide a the name of your business entity. If you operate as a sole proprietor please disregard.
Please share applicable tax number information. The Barrios Co. LLC does not share personal information with outside entities. Information will only be used for annual tax reporting when individual or recurring payments exceed the amount of $600 in a single calendar year.
Please share the address of your LLC, or the address used as a sole proprietor to operate your business. Please share the address most applicable to your business operation.

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